Welcome to Tadipatri Municipality

Tadipatri is a newly industrialized town and a Municipality in Anantapur district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is right at the border of Kurnool district and Kadapa district. Tadipatri is located at 14.92°N 78.02°E. Its average elevation is 223 metres or 731 feet. The M.L.A of Tadipatri is J.C.Prabhakar Reddy. He is the brother of J. C. Diwakar Reddy, who won six times as M.L.A from Tadipatri and present M.P of Anantapur Constituency. This town boasts of wide cement roads, greenery, a spacious community hall, a vegetable market complex, drainage water treatment plant, multiplexes, new municipal building and several others. This is the only town with an underground drainage in the whole Anantapur district.


Andhra Pradesh’s Cleanest Town

Try and find a plastic bag in our town" the MLA of cleanest town in Andhra Pradesh challenges. At Tadipatri you will not see public urination, open defecation or litter, as is common in India; over here, you will only find clean and green roads. Here's how the local municipality managed it. Read More....

J.C.Diwakar Reddy

Garu Member of Parliament

JC Diwakar

Sri J. C. Diwakar Reddy garu, S/o Sir J.C Nagireddy garu. He became M.L.A of Tadipatri in the year 1984. He has been as M.L.A up to the year March-2014. During tenure of M.L.A he was Honourable Minister for Sericulture, Minister for Road and Buildings and Minister for Panchayat raj with additional portfolio of endowment of Government Andhrapradesh. From May-2014 he was elected as Member of Parliament from Anantapur parliament constituency. He heads the panel of Food and Consumer affairs.

J.C.Prabhakar Reddy

Garu Member of Legislative Assembly

JC Prabhakar

Sri J. C. Prabhakar Reddy garu, S/o Sir J.C Nagireddy garu.He has been elected as chairperson of the Municipal Council Tadipatri. In the elections held in month August 1987. Again he has been elected as chairperson of the Tadipatri Municipal Council in the year March 2000. From October 2005 onwards he was elected as Vice-Chairperson of the Municipal Council Tadipatri up to October 2010. During his tenure as chairperson of the Tadipatri Municipality he has made land marked structures like Diwakar Auditorium, underground drainage scheme, made of all roads of the town as Cement Concrete Roads, Road dividers providing with centre lighting scheme, the road lending with Penna river bridge and New Municipal Office building.

Municipal Chairperson


Smt. B.Venkata Lakshmi was elected as ward councillor of 28th Election ward of the Municipality. As office of the Chairperson was allotted for women general. So she was elected as Chairperson of the Tadipatri Municipality unanimously. Since 3-07-2014 to continuing as such.

Municipal Commissioner


Sri S.Siva Rama Krishna has taken charge on 12-02-2014 as Municipal Commissioner of Tadipatri Municipality.