Municipal SWM

Municipal Solid Waste Management

Tadipatri Town is having a population of 1,08249 as per 2011 Census with 34 wards and 2 Sanitary Divisions. The total area of Municipality is 7.50 Sq. KMs. There are 64 permanent workers out of 70 posts sanctioned, working in this Municipality and engaged 156 Nos. of Contract workers for Sanitation purpose. Secondly, this Municipality is having 5 Nos. of Tractors intended for the purpose of lifting and transportation of Garbage generated in the town to the compost yard and having 17 Nos. of Autos and mini trucks for Door-to-Door Garbage Collection. There is 1 No. of TATA HITACHI-70 being used for leveling of Compost Yard and other works such as leveling road margins and digging of Kutcha drains wherever required.

Door-to-Door Garbage Collection

This Municipality is having 25,444 house-holds in 34 wards. The collection of Garbage is covered 100% of the town. This town is Dustbin free Municipality. The Garbage collection form Door to Door has been segregated by the workers in Vehicle so as to dump the same into two separate heaps at the compost yard for further processing and transported to the compost yard. The Garbage is collected daily from the house-holds and for which 88 Nos. of workers are engaged for the purpose.


This Municipality selected 34 Nos. of Adarsh Wards i.e., 1 to 34 wards existing in the Municipality for the implementation of 100% D2D collection, Segregation of Door-to-Door Garbage, sweeping and drain cleaning in those wards daily there by keeping them clean and tidy with proper drain flows. This Municipality has engaged 34 Nos. of workers for drain cleaning purpose and instructed them to create awareness towards collection of waste generated from the houses. The same has been writing in 3 to 4 places of each ward duly indicating the names of workers, maistry, sanitary inspector and the Municipal commissioner with their mobile numbers.

Further Two Trallys are kept at the daily Vegetable market and agriculture market yard for keeping the waste generated from there. The said waste transported to the compost yard and keep the same in separate heaps and to get it as Manure which is being used for the Greenery purpose.


Currently 70 M Tons of Garbage is being generated in the town daily. The said garbage is being lifted and transported to the compost yard through the vehicles engaged for the purpose.

Compost Yard

This Municipality is having 3 (Three) compost yards in an extent of Ac.24.00. Compound wall have been provided for two compost yards with the 12th Finance Commission Grant amounts. Apart from the above, the Following provisions have been made in the running compost yard.

  • 1.One vermi compost shed.
  • 2.One Watchman Quarter.
  • 3.Provision of Bore Well with motor.
  • 4.Electricity with 3 phase.
  • 5.Providing of segregation machine in running compost yard within one month.
  • 6.Action is being taken to Tree plantation and Resource Park, for which Manure, Earth and Sand have been dumped.

Anti Larval Condition

This Municipality is having 2 Sanitary Divisions and Sanitary Inspector and Sanitary Mastries supervise the Anti Larval Operations in the town daily and take steps of spraying M.L. Oil, Temophose 50 % E.C, in all drains including water stagnated places in order to prevent the spreading of mosquito larva. Further, Fogging operation is conducted daily to prevent the adult mosquito with 1 Vehicle mounted Fogging Machine. This Municipality has generated Gambusia Fish and distributed in required places.

Ban on Plastic Carry Bags

This Municipality has implemented 100% of Ban on using of Plastic carry Bags PP covers, cups and glasses since 26 January 2006 onwards very strictly. The same has been praised in the “The Hindu English daily news paper. This has also taken place in the Intermediate syllabus. This Municipality has stood first in the entire A.P state in implementing the Ban on usage of said plastic materials, which has also been complimented by the Hon’ble Ministers during the review Meetings held often and often.

Awareness Campaigns(Solid Waste Management)

This Municipality is conducting Awareness Programmes regarding Door-to-Door collection of Garbage along with Segregation of Garbage among the public in the town by conducting awareness campaigns at ward level by engaging the Resource Persons of IKP wing. The said conducting of awareness campaigns regarding Segregation of Garbage under Solid Waste Management will be continued in future also. Besides, this office creating awareness among the public by way of fixing mike set to the Municipal Vehicles which are used for Garbage collection, phomplet distributed in the town Scrolling on local T.V regularly every day. Swatch Bharath flexies also kept in all important places of the town. A schedule program has been made to create awareness among public, by the students and teacher of all Educational institutions for segregation of garbage, Tree Plantation and to keep the places to neat and tidy. Swatch Bharath program is being conducted regularly in this Municipality with the support of N,G,O’s, Police, N,S,S students, Degree college students, senior citizen students of all high schools and colleges existing in this municipality in the premises of all Government offices Railway station, Bus stand and all premises of Educational Institutions.

Under Ground Drainage Scheme

This Municipality has implemented the Under Ground Drainage Scheme in the entire town with an estimated cost of Rs.22.00 crores. Two Sewerage plants have been provided two kilometers away to the Municipality, 26 numbers of contract workers are engaged to maintain this scheme, out of 156 Contract Workers being engaged in this Municipality for the purpose of public Health activities.

The details of the Under Ground Drainage are as follows.

  • Sewerage Network ……………………. 135 K.M
  • No.1 Sewerage Treatment Plant……… 8.00 M.L.D
  • No.2 Sewerage Treatment Plant…….. 3.50 M.L.T
  • House Service Connections given…… 13000

The Connections giving to the remaining houses are under process. Thus this Municipality is free from Mosquito Breeding and bad smell which enable to avoid water Born Diseases.

Destruction of Stray Dogs

This Municipality taken up anti Birth Control Program with the help of National Animal and Birds Welfare Society. This Municipality has made Sterilization Operation to 2812 Stray Dogs So for and Inserted the Anti Rabies Vaccine to the said Dog and placed them in to their original areas in the town. The remaing about 2000 stray Dogs existing will be given the Anti Birth control Porgramm with the helf of the afore said welfare society. Which will be started on or before the end of January 2015. After completion of above programme, this Municipality will be declared as Rabies free Town,

Check List on IEC Activities and SWM & Aactin Taken to Improve the Image of ULB.

  • Mike Announcements are being given regularly through Municipal Autos about the importance of SWM, Personnel hygiene and Sanitation.
  • Mike Announcements are being given regularly to the Public such as “To give the garbage only to Municipal Vehicles” segregate the garbage (Dry & Wet) at household levels and its importance by doing so.
  • Public awareness campaigns are being conducted regularly at all places in the town, so as to public were motivated not to throw the garbage on the streets and in drains by doing so the ill effects of them.
  • Public awareness campaigns are being conducted at all places in the town, in which public were motivated about the importance of source segregation at household level. Public were also motivated by distributing pamphlets explaining the importance of SWM practices on the Public Places effectively, contemplating slogans about SWM and Sanitation.
  • Hoardings have been erecting at the busy places where Public can read about the importance of SWM and Sanitation which in turn helps the ULB to keep it clean.
  • Slides were played in the cinema halls showing the importance of SWM.
  • Scrollings are played in the Local Electronic media about the importance of the SWM and Sanitation.
  • ULB had involved various SHG Members in the IEC activities to provide awareness among the public about SWM.
  • Route Maps and pin point were prepared for the effective implementation of various SWM activities.
  • Notices were issued to the Public who violated the rules.
  • Penalties were collected from the establishment who violated the rules.
  • To conduct Awareness Camps at Different types of commercial establishments.
  • Conduct Rallies with S.H.G Groups & College Students to Aware public on S.W.M Rules.
  • Involve the political people to create awareness to public on Door to Door collection, Segregation & banning of Plastic Carry Bags.
  • Conduct special meetings with Hon’ble Chairperson and ward members to create awareness on S.W.M Rules.
  • Conduct meeting with Public Health workers for several times on Door to Door collection, Segregation & Transportation.
  • Conduct Parichaya Karyakramam in all wards and display the name boards of workers who worked in the ward with Cell Nos.
  • Pay and Use toilets have been provided in four places in this Municipality and two more toilets are due to be provided in the identified places for the use of the public.
  • Dust Sucking Machine has been provided in this Municipality to Sweep Dust on the Roads.

So, by strict implementation of the above said list we can improve the image of ULB to a great extent, at the same time providing a clean and hygiene Environment to the ULB.

NOTE:- Calcium Carbide free Fruits are available to the public which Ripening chambers have been provided in the Municipality.